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 I believe that if you love to laugh, know that self love & care are a top priority and view yourself as a queen, enjoy a night in as much as a night out, love travel, and want to live lift to its fullest we might just be a match made in heaven.

I know taking the first step to celebrating yourself can be a bumpy and nerve wracking road to embark on - it is a big deal.

And it is worth celebrating. HUGE.

Thats why photography should be simple - so here is our process...




  01. My Process

Wedding planning can take a lot out of you - so here's how we help make sure your cup is always full - starting with our 7 Essentials in every wedding collection


Lets connect - whether thats over the phone, Zoom or in person, we want to get to know you and what you love! Once you have booked your day with us - we will walk you through the 1, 2, 3's of photography to make sure you are taken care of! 

We help put together photo timeline for you day with an amazing family portrait list! We'll talk locations for photos, what matters most to you and what kind of photo magic we will be crafting to hang on your walls! 



Your wedding day is about celebrating! With each other, your family & friends! We will take care of the photos, capture the laughter, the tears and spins on the dance floor. You need only to relax and enjoy it! After the wedding - we'll keep the celebration going and share our favourite photos on social media! Our Blog, Facebook & Instagram will be your new favourite place to scroll!


Once we've delivered your drool worthy photo gallery - its time to talk about how you want to hold those memories! We'll chat about which images we think would look incredible on your wall in canvas prints, how gorgeous your wedding album will be when you are flipping the pages and reliving your day over again. You already know photos shouldn't live on a USB somewhere - they're meant to be celebrated. So this is arguably the most important part of the process! We can't wait to bring your images to life in frames in adorning your walls, canvas prints or pages in albums! 

Want  see a glimpse of what your day could be with the Julien's, check out our 1 minute intro below...



02. Engagement Sessions

We cannot say enough awesome things about these EPIC sessions! Why do our couples love them? It isn't just because we get to spend an afternoon together - but thats definitely part of it! Our couples are obsessed with them because it helps them warm up to the camera and understand a little more of what it will be like on the wedding day! Secondly - they're a fantastic reason to dress up, go somewhere or do something you have always loved, and have gorgeous memories of!

Want to see just how amazing your session will be...VIEW OUR FAVOURITE SESSIONS HERE



03. Albums and Prints

I didn't fully understand just how much impact an album, or giant celebratory print on the wall had until crafted & hung my own. With a constant stream of ever changing technology - albums are a constant, sturdy heirloom that will always hold the same memories, emotions and self love from your session! Prints are amazing to look at for years to come - I've got them all over our bedroom (my husband is a big fan!) 

I promise you will love your album, or the gorgeous prints adorning your walls more with each passing year...    



04. Questions

I know that there can be loads of questions when it comes to your session, I've done my best to put together a thorough guide to help you! If you can't find the answers you're looking for on my FAQ page below - just hit the contact link below to find out more.





05. Contact Us

We cannot wait to meet you! Get in touch with us today, and lets start chatting about how we can help make your wedding day more than you ever dreamed!