Choosing Album & Digital Collection Favourites 

I'm so excited to get you your Digital Collection or craft and create your stunning Boudoir Album for you - it's going to be beautiful and you'll love to show it off to your family and friends! You'll need to choose images, and to help you with it, I've custom made a step-by-step guide for you! Here are the steps to send me your favourite images to fill your Album or your USB with...

Step 1: Choosing Images for Your Album

Log into your Boudoir Image Gallery. Once you are into your gallery, if you hover over any image you'll see a cute little heart in the upper corner of your image! By clicking on the little Heart Icon OR pressing the "F" key, you will be selecting and adding that and image into your "Favourites". You'll see the "Favourites" selection in the top, left corner of your screen. When you begin to select your favourites, you will be prompted to create an account with my website - creating the account will save your images for later. 

*Make sure to remember and save your username/email as well as password so you can log in to view your favourites later*

Step 2: Sharing Your Favourites

Now that you've selected all the favourites for your Collection, I'll need you to send them to me! Its as easy as pie! Click into the "Favourites" tab in the top left of your screen. Once clicked in, you'll see all the images you selected laid out. Take a moment to look over them, and add any that you may have missed. Once you're ready to send me the images, look over to the right side of the screen. You'll see a tab that says "Share". If you click into the "Share" box, you'll see "Send to Photographer", feel free to leave me a little message and then hit the "Send" button! Once I've received your image selection I'll get started on creating your gorgeous Boudoir Album or putting your Digital Collection together!